Gurren Teas Project

So, lately I’ve been making custom tea blends for Gurren Lagann characters over on Adagio Teas.  (You can already view and order Simon’s blend.)

I’d asked Figgy to make the labels for me (because I can’t draw and I don’t want them to look like ass), and she suggested that it might be fun to have multiple artists do the labels, as a sort of little fandom project.  So…would anyone be interested?  :D;

Here are the characters available, if you’d like to claim any:

  • Simon the Digger (claimed by Figgy)
  • Nia Teppelin (claimed by forevertableflip)
  • Kamina (claimed by allegroalley)
  • Yoko Littner (claimed by redreveries)
  • Kittan Bachika (claimed by kittansdick)
  • Viral (claimed by flyfari)
  • Messenger Nia (claimed by maguneedsalife)
  • Garlock Simon (claimed by starwaveimpulse)

(I also have ideas for Leeron, Rossiu, Boota, and Lord Genome, but those will come in the future if I decide to do them.)

So far I’ve tried the Simon, Nia, Kamina, and Yoko teas and am pretty pleased with the results!  As soon as I have labels for them, they’ll be made available for everyone to order.  I haven’t tried the Kittan, Viral, Messenger, or Garlock teas yet, and probably won’t until I’ve made some progress drinking the teas I already have, so those won’t be made available until then.

If you’d like to draw a label, please drop me a note and I’ll give you the details of the tea(s).  I’m not picky about the design; my only requirements are that they depict the characters, are in color, and I’d prefer post-timeskip versions of the characters (with the exception of Kamina, obviously).  You can use Figgy’s completed Simon label as a template, or do something different if you’d prefer.  Be as creative as you want and have fun with it!

EDIT: Oh man, I forgot to mention, the labels should be 700x300 pixels.  x__x;