Tutu Teas Project

For those not familiar with my previous project, here’s what it was about: I made custom tea blends for Gurren Lagann characters over at Adagio Teas, and wanted some neat labels for them.  The problem was, I can’t draw.  So I started a small fandom project asking multiple artists to make the labels for me.  You can see the results here.  It was really fun!  :)

Long story short, I’ve been making tea blends for Princess Tutu characters too, and now would like to try the same thing with the Princess Tutu fandom!

So if you are an artist and would like to contribute, here are the rules:

  • The labels should be 700x300 pixels and in color.  I would also prefer that you add the backgrounds/fonts yourself.
  • I’m not picky about the design, but I ask that each label represent at least two of the character’s personas (or three, in Tutu/Ahiru’s case).  How you do this is up to you.  Be as creative as you want!
  • There is no deadline for when you should complete the labels.  As long as it’s not like half a year or something, you can take your time until you’re happy with it!
  • When finished, you can post it on Tumblr with the tag “tutu teas.”  And if you could also send me an ask telling me you finished, I would really appreciate it!

These are the characters available:

I would have made Drosselmyer’s favorite blend too, but Adagio Teas doesn’t offer darjeeling as one of its blending options.  :(

Anyway, if you would like to join and claim a character, please leave me a note!